Wounded Warrior Project holds job bootcamp for wounded veterans

Wounded Warrior Project holds job bootcamp for wounded veterans

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Author: Abigail Curran

Published: 11:23 AM EDT September 25, 2019

Updated: 5:35 PM EDT September 25, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Wounded Warrior Project is helping veterans transition into civilian life. Part of that is finding a job. 

On Wednesday, 22 wounded veterans worked to develop their career skills at an employment boot camp. The program is only about a year old but has a 60 percent success rate so far.

It’s being presented by Deloitte staff at the Wounded Warrior Project office Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

During the boot camp, veterans will learn skills such as how to give an elevator pitch, navigating career road maps, resume-writing, interview skills and much more. The second day will include mock interviews.  

Had the pleasure today of talking with veterans about the Wounded Warrior Project employment boot camp. It’s all about…

Posted by Abigail Curran on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Carnelius Mitchell lives in Jacksonville. He’s originally from Arkansas, but the now Jags fan is looking for a management position. 

“I spent 24 years in the Navy, retired a senior chief of electronic warfare technician,” Mitchell said. “For the last 15 years, it’s really been management. Dealing with personnel issues, whether it be equal opportunity, family issues, or conflict and confliction, change management, going from command to command. I was assigned to eight different commands in seven different locations around the world … personnel management has been a big portion of my background.”

Capt. Ondrea Albert sends a greeting to St. Petersburg, Florida from Tallil, Iraq for Thanksgiving 2008
Courtesy: DVIDS
Capt. Ondrea Albert sends a greeting to St. Petersburg, Florida from Tallil, Iraq for Thanksgiving 2008
Courtesy: DVIDS

Ondrea Harreld is a retired army logistician. She hopes all the time spent moving “beans, bullets and cargo all over the world” will help her to become a valuable asset to a company. 

“I’ve been deployed three times — twice to Iraq, one time to Afghanistan — and have moved lots of things all over the country,” Harreld said. “With 26 years of experience, I am looking to get more of an executive management position. I feel like I bring a lot to the table. Especially not only within the United States but having the experience of traveling all over the world.”

Kevin Rasch is the Manager of the Warriors To Work Program for the Southeast Region. 

“Deloitte’s been a great partner,” he said. “They’ve been putting on these employment boot camps for us and what they do is they really compliment the services we provide. They help kind of take it to the next level of letting warriors make their elevator pitches and teaching them how to optimize their resume and how to network. So it’s really helping them get to that next level and find new careers.”

Rasch said, “A lot of the people we deal with have never had to interview for a job, they’ve never had to have a resume throughout their military career. So it’s a new world for them.” One of the big things they have to deal with is translating military jargon into civilian experience. 

Mitchell is excited for the skills he is learning. 

“This program actually hones your skills,” he said. “It fine-tunes what you already know and makes it more receptive to the civilian population.”

WWP and Deloitte have partnered to host previous boot camps in cities such as San Diego, San Antonio, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. This is the first time one is being held in Jacksonville.

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