Dog Mom Essentials For The Ulti-Mutt Dog Lover

Dog Mom Essentials For The Ulti-Mutt Dog Lover

July 16, 2021 Pets 0

Having a dog is the BEST! I got Tonks when she was a puppy and trained her. She is the best dog and brings so much joy and fulfillment into my life. But there can be some challenges. Here are some things that I SWEAR by for my whack-a-doodle.

1) EcoKind Pet Treats Gold Yak Dog Chews

I get these auto shipped to me every three months. Tonks LOVES them. It keeps her busy and entertained for hours. They are made with 100% Yak and cow milk, without any preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients. That means they are actually good for her unlike some of the rawhide bones out there. And it’s great because they become two treats in one. When she chews it down to the size of your little finger, put it in the microwave for one minute. The yak cheese bone will puff up into a crispy treat. I have gotten all of my friend’s dogs addicted.

2) Oneisall Hands Free Dog Leash

I nearly kicked my dog out. But we renegotiated the terms of her leash. Get it?! Anyway, this leash is the best for SOOOO many reasons! When I was training Tonks it was a lifesaver. Being able to have her connected to me while keeping my hands free made everything so much easier. Have you tried to hold a leash, treats, poop bags, your phone, and coffee? It’s hard. And let’s be honest, coffee takes priority.

3) iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover

I call this her doggie Hammock. It keeps her from slipping off the seat and getting stuck in the floorboards. Her demeanor is totally different when it’s in use. She is much more relaxed and likes to go on car rides. When she is in someone else’s car without it she’s so awkward and sometimes pants a lot because she is uncomfortable. It can move from car to SUV and back again. The clips are very easy to put on and take off the seat headrests.

Arya, Tonks, and I getting in our morning snuggles before starting the day.

4) Fancigo Potty Training Doorbells

These bells are a “floor” saver. I live in a condo on the second floor. My front door is on the first floor. When I was potty training Tonks she learned very quickly that she needed to run to the door if she wanted to go outside. The problem was, that the front door is downstairs. If I was in the kitchen or bedroom I wouldn’t see her and she would end up having an accident in the entryway waiting for me to know she was there.

Enter the sleighbells. I put one set at the top of the stairs and one around the front door handle at the bottom. This way she would just nudge the bells with her nose or paw to get my attention and if I was in another room I would be able to hear her. They come with instructions on how to train them and they are pretty simple. Now I don’t know Howl I ever lived without them.

5) MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Another potty training essential is crate training. It helps calm anxiety and teaches responsibility. I like this crate in particular because it has two doors which give you flexibility on placement in a room. You should get the size your pup will grow into and use the divider panel to make it smaller and then expand it as they get older. It has a durable bottom dog tray, carrying handle, 4 ‘roller’ feet to protect floors & a 1-year warranty.

The American Kennel Club has a great article about crate training.

Anything is paw-sible when you have a dog. I hope these products help you with your puppy. Let me know what you think!


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