Stop Motion Video For Social Media: Bluelounge

Stop Motion Video For Social Media: Bluelounge

July 27, 2022 Portfolio Social Media Storytelling 0
Stop Motion Thanksgiving Turkey Using Bluelounge Products

What is Stop Motion?

Stop Motion started as a film technique. Individual pictures would be pieced together at high speed creating an animation video. (did anyone else grow up watching the claymation film Wallace and Gromit? Maybe I’m dating myself…) This technique is still used today in films. With video being such a crucial part of social media, stop motion is another creative way of storytelling.

Does Stop Motion Video Perform Well on Social Media?

The short answer is yes. A case study of Starbucks’ Instagram video content strategy found that their stop motion videos performed 16% better compared to their other videos.

Here are just a few reasons why stop motion is a creative and successful content to use on social media:

  • Videos autoplay in feed. Videos capture attention and stop the scroll through endless photo posts
  • Compared to a photo post, video has 39% higher engagement on Instagram
  • The narrative is visual. 92% of people do not listen to audio on videos on social media. You can tell a story without audio with stop motion
  • Stop motion is short and loopable. This increases your engagement and watch time when there is no clear ending to a video
  • 1.7 seconds is the amount of time you have to capture someone’s attention. That’s why video content is so effective when it comes to stopping that scroll amongst static images 

How to use Stop Motion for your Brand

Stop Motion can easily be added to your social media strategy. I used this technique for Bluelounge because it just made sense. They have so many little cable management solutions that I was able to put them together creatively to make a Thanksgiving reel. I also used a smaller segment to tease the Reel in Stories. I didn’t have to rely on models or narration to tell the product story. It takes several hours to work out exactly what you want to do, make sure you have enough products and you have the clear picture you want. But you can make it simpler by flipping through different colors of product or sliding a product from left to right.

Do you want to start incorporating Stop Motion into your Content Strategy? Click the link to Work with Me.


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